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Scratch Card

scratch card

Scratch Card is an online scratch and win game offered by Unibet. It can only be played at the Unibet site.

Buy a Scratch Card

To buy a Scratch Card ticket you must have a registered Unibet account with enough funds to cover the cost of the ticket. If you don’t have an account, click “Register account” in the My Account box and follow the simple steps. Once you have an account, you’ll be able to make a deposit quite easily.

Scratch Card is played in €. The cost of the ticket and any winnings will automatically be converted to your Unibet account currency.

Count on fair play at Unibet

Each series of Scratch Card tickets is made up of 3 million separate cards. They're held in our lottery system, and when you buy one, the computer simply pulls one at random. It doesn't have any way of knowing or caring what you got on your previous card. And neither do we. You can win 10 times in a row, and still win the 11th time. None of us at Unibet ever know how many winning cards are left in a series.

The process is monitored for fairness by the same 2 independent auditors we use in the Casino

When you win...

Any Scratch Card amount you win is deposited straight to your main Unibet account. You’ll be able to use it anywhere you want on the site or withdraw it instantly.

When you’re done scratching an online Scratch Card card, you have to click the “Confirm win” button. That will end that particular scratch card game and, if you’ve won, send the cash straight to your Unibet account. You won’t be able to buy or play a new Scratch Card until you’ve clicked “Confirm win” for the card you have.

The highest win is €100 000 and the lowest win is €2.

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